Daryl O. Lee

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I have been married for over 42 years to Anita, from whom I stole a chair for my then main squeeze who had come to see me while my mother lay gravely ill in the little hospital where Anita was the weekend receptionist. Anita's main interest in me was as a means for meeting my brother, whom she did not know to be happily married. Ah, what a start! We have three wonderful children, one of them having married into the family, and two beautiful granddaughters.


I left my job at VisionAIR explicitly to move to Albuquerque, where our daughter had been trying for years to get us to move. "What?!!! Leave our beautiful Atlanta forest for the desert of New Mexico? We don't think so!" But cooler heads prevailed, and move we did. We love it here. When I walk out my front door, I check out the mountain about ten miles east of us to see what it looks like this day. Every day it's different. And then, on the way home from the east side of town, on a clear day I can see Mt. Taylor, about 65 miles due west. Try that in Atlanta!

Interests (besides my great job)

One of the hard things to give up moving from Atlanta to Albuquerque was the great choral music I had been involved in, both in the Michael O'Neal Singers and in the Roswell UMC Sancturary Choir. But all is not lost. Anita and I sing in Quintessence, a small ensemble group with a great tradition, and the St. John's UMC Chancel Choir.  A big thrill was singing The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace, as part of the worldwide Sing For Peace event. This event on Sep. 11, 2011 was a worldwide recognition of the tenth anniversary of the tragedy of the World Trade Center.  We sang to a standing room only crowd.

Albuqerque has been rated by Men's Fitness Magazine as the fittest city in the USA. And one of the reasons for that is the incredible amount of outdoor activity--biking, hiking, geocaching--to be found here. Last year I realized that living less than an hour from ski slopes and not skiing was just wrong.  So I took some lessons, and now I look forward to winter just like those other people I used to shake my head over. And just to put in a little plug, if you want to see what else there is about the Duke City to like, check out ItsATrip.